Vikings Season 5 Spoilers: Ragnar to spur Ivar the Boneless to Greatness?

By Ancy John | 1 year ago
Vikings Season 5 Spoilers: Ragnar to spur Ivar the Boneless to Greatness?
Vikings Season 5 Spoilers: Ivar and Ragnar

Vikings Season 5 will be hitting the screens soon after the part two of Season 4 being aired. One of the aspects of the new season would be the rising of Ivar The Boneless played by Alex Hogh Andersen.

Vikings Season 5 will see Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) return to the Kattegat world. Ivar The Boneless will be seen as someone who is harboring pathological issues. His issues will rise up to a point that his brothers Bjorn, Ubbe, Sigurd, Hvitserk would start to fear him.

The trajectory of Ivar’s life will change when Ragnar returns. He has always been ailing to have the affection of a father. In the upcoming season, it will be clear that Ivar will not side with his brothers for the angst they hold against their brother.

Ivar and Ragnar’s Equation

Ivar, though physically challenged, possesses sharp wit and military skills. The return of Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings Season 4 starts off the course of major changes for him. The reason Ragnar and Ivar can be seen as a team is because the son always wanted a cheerleader for his life which was found in his father reports Parent Herald.

Lagertha’s Love Interest

Other developments expected to be seen in Vikings Season 5 is the introduction of Lagertha’s female love interest named Astrid. The character of Astrid will be played by Josefin Asplund. Dr. Peter Frankopan, an Oxford University historian, undertook intense research on Astrid.

In addition, the mention of Astrid is seen in The Silk Roads: A New History of the World. Homosexuality is not a taboo in the Vikings culture. Lagertha suffered her share of heartbreak from men, so, she looks to Astrid for comfort.

New faces will be seen in Season 5 namely Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Dracula) and WWE star Adam Copeland as Ketill Flatnose. Flatnose is a warrior who will be sent to conquer and set up a Viking settlement in Iceland.

Vikings Season 5 will have 20 episodes but no official release date has been announced yet.

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