Vikings Season 5 Spoilers: Revenge, New Alliances, Death in Lagertha’s Future

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Vikings Season 5 Spoilers: Revenge, New Alliances, Death in Lagertha’s Future
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The conflict between Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen) and Queen Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) is not over yet. The son of Ragnar Lothbrok still wants to avenge the death of Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) in Vikings Season 5. But, will he finally kill the shield-maiden? Find out below.

Ivar vs Lagertha

Lagertha is the current ruler of Kattegat. To take the throne, she had to face and kill Aslaug who, in Ragnar‘s absence, led the kingdom and its people. As a result, she became a target of Ivar the Boneless.

Upon returning to Kattegat following the death of Ragnar, Ivar and his brothers found Lagertha in their mother’s throne. Out of anger, he challenged the new queen into a single battle. It was foiled when Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) came back in time. He stopped the fight to save his mother from the uncontrollable wrath of Ivar.

But it looks like there will be another battle between Ivar and Lagertha in Vikings Season 5. Andersen plays the role of the young warrior. He revealed that his character is not done with avenging the death of his mother. Likely, he will attempt to kill the current queen in the upcoming season.

“[Ivar] will never forget that,” he told ET about Aslaug’s death in the hands of Lagertha. “[Aslaug is] the one woman who ever loved him, so he will never, ever be able to settle down with Lagertha alive.”

Will Lagertha Be The Next To Fall?

It has already been established that Lagertha will die. She will die in the hands of one of the sons of his ex-husband Ragnar. The Seer told her that it is the will of the gods. The current queen of Kattegat survived the lethal Season 4. But, the end might be near for the fan-favorite.

On Twitter, the actress warned about the death of Lagertha. She, however, did not reveal when and how it will happen. But based on her social media posts, it is unlikely to happen by the first few episodes of Vikings Season 5.

The 39-year-old made it clear on Twitter that she will remain a regular in the show. That said, fans can rest easy knowing that she will (at least) survive the first half of the season. Moreover, great things await for her character.

Forming New Alliances in Vikings Season 5

Meanwhile, Winnick also posted a photo of herself with Jordan Smith (Ubbe). The actress teased, “First still of Season 5 of #Vikings.. whatcha think is happening here?” Counsel and Heal thinks that an alliance is forming between Lagertha and Ubbe. The site explains that the two might be plotting on preventing King Harald from becoming the King of Norway. Vikings Season 5 will premiere later this year on History.

First still of season 5 of #Vikings.. whatcha think is happening here?

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