The Voice Season 6 Recap: Live Top 10 Elimination, Usher and Shakira Lose Another Artist from Their Teams [WATCH VIDEOS]

By April Lara | 4 years ago

“The Voice” Season 6 has lost another two contestants – and unfortunately, they were from Usher and Shakira’s teams. Now, there are only 8 contestants left. Read on for MNG’s “The Voice” Season 6 recap of the “Live Top 10 Elimination,” where Usher and Shakira lost another artist from their teams.

Bria Kelly from Team Usher and Tess Boyer from Team Shakira were both eliminated on Tuesday night, April 29, 2014 as they have acquired the fewest numbers of votes for the week, together with Kat Perkins from Adam Levine’s team, but thanks to Instant Save, she wasn’t eliminated. Now, there are 8 artists competing against each other.

Before “The Voice” Season 6 “Live Top 10 Elimination,” the bottom three were given the chance to perform before viewers vote for their favourite performer on Twitter. They must use the hashtag #VoiceSave with the name of the artist.

Bria performed Heart’s “Crazy on You.”

[jwplayer mediaid=”16331″]


Tess performed Pink’s “Who Knew.”

[jwplayer mediaid=”16330″]


And Kat performed Grace Potter & The Nocturnals’ “Paris (Ooh La La).”

[jwplayer mediaid=”16329″]


Coaches Usher and Shakira also performed with their teams. Usher and his team performed Lenny Kravitz’s “ Always on the Run” (Click HERE to see the video from the official YouTube channel of “The Voice.”  Shakira and her team performed “The One Thing” from her own new self-titled album (Click HERE to see the video from “The Voice” YouTube channel).

“The Voice” Season 6 “Live Top 10 Elimination” also brought in another surprise by announcing that Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams will be two of the coaches for “The Voice” Season 7. Stefani and Williams will fill in for Christina Aguilera, who’s pregnant and Cee Lo Gree who left the show in early 2014.

Gwen and Pharrell are both scheduled to perform on Monday night, May 5, 2014.  Pharrell will perform his new single, “Come Get it Bae,” while Gwen will perform her solo hit “Hollaback Girl.” Are you excited for the two new coaches of “The Voice” Season 7?

And that’s MNG’s “The Voice” Season 6 recap of the “Live Top 10 Elimination.” Now that the contestants are down to 8, it’s going to be tougher because all the teams will be put under much higher pressure.

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