‘The Voice’ Season 9 Spoilers: Who Will Get Eliminated This Week?

By Sohini Halder | 2 years ago
‘The Voice’ Season 9 Spoilers: Who Will Get Eliminated This Week?
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Most of us are quite aware of the extensively popular musical platform “The Voice” and in each show they scavenge musically gifted personalities all over the world. We are also aware of the merciless elimination rounds of this particular show, once it gets to air live. But this year, especially season 9 is going to be a little more vicious, as on Friday, this NBC reality show revealed their schedule this year until December 16th and the number of elimination is going to take place. However, that did not come as a shocker, but the contestants seemed to be under a lot of pressure.

The biggest night of elimination up until now, had twelve surviving contestants and last week they had beaten all the odds of getting eliminated by standing proud in the stage. They took an effort to show their viewers, what makes them stand out in a crowd. Last week before swooping into the basics of the live shows, every one of the coaches and the contestants, spared a moment to show their respect and tribute to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. According to the reports of the Music Times, only one singer will be eliminated this week while creating a top 11. And the next week the same equation will follow through leaving top 10 and a top 9. And those top nine singers will appear in the semi finals.

But that does not imply the fact that a number of 8 finalists will move on to the finals. Instead they are planning to air an episode, which will send five out of those nine semi finalists home and the remaining four will be eligible to appear in finals. Now that’s quite brutal isn’t it? However the contestants performed with such brilliance last week with amazing renditions of songs. I am personally rooting for Amy Vachal from team Adam. Meanwhile you can watch “The Voice” on November 23rd, Monday.

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