‘Voices Through The Trumpet’ Set To Become A Movie On The First Documented Hunted House Case

By Pradeep Singh | 2 years ago
‘Voices Through The Trumpet’ Set To Become A Movie On The First Documented Hunted House Case

Hollywood has made several haunted house movies, of which some are based on real life events, but now a movie on the first ever documented haunted house is going to give a special treat of fear to its fans. All credit goes to Fox Searchlight that has recently begun development on “Voices Through The Trumpet,” a movie from the New Yorker article published way back in 1936. Reporter Carl Carmer, who died in 1976, had penned the original article. Read on to know more details.

JT Petty will be writing the script for the movie while Alison Greenspan is set to produce along with Jeremy Steckler and Dawn Ostroff of Conde Nast Entertainment, and Denise DiNovi as the executive producer. However, a director is yet to be attached to the project.

The movie is set to start in the mid 80’s in Upstate New York, where two Fox sisters came in contact with the spirit while living in the aforementioned haunted house.

According to the Deadline, Carl Carmer will be a character in the movie who will be portrayed investigating the mysterious death of the Fox sisters who died after disavowing the spirit.

Even when this project has just developed wings, the video games specialist, Petty has already started an intense research process. He has already started living in Carl Carmer’s character and has begun to get involved in the mysticism and with the locals, where the original story was set.

As per reports, Tom Hardy is likely to star in in the movie. However, as of now, nothing can be told about the star cast.

Meanwhile, as the movie is based on the first documented story on hunted house, it is sure to pull marketing. However, to attract huge crowd, there’s need a lot to be done or we can say something special in the movie. It has been witnessed in the past few years that a lot of horror movies failed at the box office.

“Voices Through The Trumpet” is in its early stages of development, and we can only hope that Fox Searchlight will come with something really unique.

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