Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2 Release Date Revealed!

By Nathalie | 1 year ago
Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2 Release Date Revealed!

Voltron Legendary Defender was an unexpected success. Although it is based on a widely known Japanese anime, the Americanized version of it in different platforms before did not do so well.

The first time Voltron hit the shores of the United States of America was in 1984. It was the original Voltron series by Beast King GoLion and Kikou Kantai Dairugger XV. It became a big pop culture phenomenon, which obviously made producers and developers dive into the series’ success.

Two years after the release of the original Voltron series, a TV special titled Voltron: Fleet of Doom premiered in 1986. Fans did not hear from Voltron for a long time until a computer animated series was released in 1998. The Voltron: The Third Dimension did not meet expectations and was cut after 26 episodes.

Voltron Force came to life 13 years after, in 2011, on Nickelodeon. It was basically an attempt to reboot the previous The Third Dimension series. However, like its predecessor, it did not do so well and also just made it until the 26th episode.

Now that Netflix and DreamWorks Animation are taking on the original Japanese series, Voltron Legendary Defender looks like it has a better future than the earlier ones. It was previously announced to be renewed for a second season and just recently released the premiere date.

Voltron Legendary Defender was given a Jan. 20, 2017, release. It will still have Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery as its executive producers. Both have worked in another hit project, The Legend of Korra.

According to a report by Comingsoon.net, the voice cast of Voltron Legendary Defender still includes Rhys Darby as Coran, Kimberly Brooks as Princess Allura, Josh Keaton as Shiro (Black Lion), Jeremy Shada as Lance (Blue Lion), Tyler Labine as Hunk (Yellow), Steven Yeun as Keith (Red Lion) and Bex Taylor-Klaus as Pidge, Green Lion.

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