Voter Law in Pennsylvania Facing Lawsuit by ACLU

By admin | 6 years ago

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit that challenges the new strict voter law in the state of Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there are over 186,000 voters who are registered that do not have a driver’s license, many of whom are minorities. To vote in Pennsylvania, thanks to the new voter ID law, those people will have to produce an ID that is government-issued or a legitimate driver’s license.

The law, like others that are similar in other states, would almost certainly have national implications. President Obama needs to win Pennsylvania if he wants to be reelected and analysts say that the Democrat cannot be victorious in the state unless he is able to have large margins in both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Those two cities are where the new voter ID law would make the biggest impact on voters.

Earlier this year, Pennsylvania joined eight other states in requiring voters to present a photo ID card. Similar laws in South Carolina, Wisconsin and Texas were blocked by state judges or the Justice Department.

Next week lawyers will attempt to convince a judge to put a halt to the new law, as a denial of the right to vote. The outcome of this lawsuit could not just affect thousands of eligible voters it could also determine who wins the November election.

The law says that for people to vote they must have a proper photo ID issued by the state government or through a nursing home. The ID must have the person’s name, photo and a date of expiration. Those without that type of card or who have never driven must visit a state driver’s license location. There they can present four different forms of ID like a social security card and birth certificate among others.

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