Voter Registration Among Blacks and Hispanics Down

By admin | 7 years ago

Hispanic and black registered voters are down sharply since the last presidential election in 2008. This decline poses a big problem for the Obama reelection campaign that could be determined by how many minority voters participate. A robust turnout from Hispanic and black voters took place in the 2008 election. That turnout was credited with helping Obama win key states such as New Mexico and Virginia.

Voter rolls normally shrink during election years that are non-presidential and registration among whites was down at close to the same rate as other groups. However, this is the first time in close to 40 years that the amount of registered Hispanic voters had fallen off significantly.

Across the entire United States that figure dropped by 5% to 11 million. However, in some of the important swing states, the fall off in Hispanics voters, who are critical in the 2012 presidential election is much higher. In New Mexico, the number is 28% and in Florida, it is 10%.

Blacks’ registration numbers are off by 7% across the country. For Hispanics, the large drop off has been attributed to the sluggish economy, which caused a number of people to relocate in search of finding work or because of other financial problems like foreclosures on homes.

The reelection campaign for Obama has focused a great deal in 2012 on voter registration, which usually takes place just prior to an election. Last month a number of training sessions on voter registration were held in key states by the Obama reelection campaign.

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