VW Doubleback T5 Camper Review: Practical Motorhome [WATCH VIDEO]

By rubina | 3 years ago
VW Doubleback T5 Camper Review: Practical Motorhome [WATCH VIDEO]
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When you purchase a camper, you have to keep in mind the storage area where you can fit the things that you need to carry, resting area where you can sleep at night, a cooking area where you can cook easily and a washing area where you can wash your things. Space is the most important part. You wouldn’t have to worry if you get all these elements embedded in one. The video below shows how VW Doubleback T5 Camper will provide all these facilities.

Jeremiah Mahadevan, the anchor of Practical Motorhome, shows  what all features and functions the VW Doubleback T5 Camper has. It is an amazing piece of engineering which is unique. It is a VW T5 based elevating roof camper, which is a preface lift T5 transporter . However, the new Doubleback campers will have the Euro5 post face lift.

If you open up the tailgate of the camper, you will find a huge loading space, which is good for storage as you won’t have to add an extra trailer behind. For eating and sleeping area, all you have to do is press a button behind the slide door, which makes the back side of the camper to slide outwards creating a much bigger space, almost about 7.9 meters long. To support and balance the rear ends, there are two electronic corner steadies.

The extra rear end is made up of aluminum. It can hold up to 600 kilograms of weight. There is also a bed which would fold towards the sides when you are not using it. There is an extra drop down bed on the roof so that you can sleep elsewhere if you choose to continue using the storage space.

Inside the camper is a spacious and functional layout with a three-person bench seat, a lounge table, a basic kitchen, a sink and a refrigerator.  In the Doubleback, four people can sleep in the double bed and the drop down bed. It costs about 55,000 pounds.

To know more about the specifications of this car, watch the video below:

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ John Purvis



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