W.E Movie – A Treat to Watch

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we movie

The story has two couples. The first love story is between Windsor’s and Wally Winthrop and second contemporary romance is between woman of Manhattan and Evgeni, security guard of Russia. Wally, married to a shrink is in need of children but his partner does not want the same. She has obsession with the Windsor’s and secretly studies their lives. In certain scenes, Mrs. Simpson appears in front of her. The movie entails romance and scandal.However, the affair between Wally and Evgeni blossoms. The movie gets skipped with time.

There are thrums of music and are repetitive in nature. The movie focuses around images like tear drop coming from unblinking eye. All movie scenes are very glossy and good and resemble advertisements of high class cosmetics. All the locations are exotic like Portofino .Use of brand names like Moet, Schiaparelli and Cartier has been seen round the movie. Wally visits to Windsor’s possessions again and again. Flashes of intrude occur in movie. ‘Your majesty, you know to a woman’s heart’ said by Wallis is popular and ‘I wasn’t aiming high’ said by Edward king is also seen in trailers of the movie round the corner.

Such special moments are rare in the movie. The W.E. movie might attract young females looking for new fashion related ideas and styles. The acting of Riseborough and Cornish is good. Viewers might think that Madonna takes Windsor’s as style icons and considers their life as fantasy that will not create issue to historians. The movie has been a sign of comfort after many documentaries came onto television about leading couple. The one big advantage of the movie is classic music and costumes. The acting of two female actresses is quite worth watching and adds power to the movie. The starting is fast and in fact will take some time to get through storyline. This reason is a major demerit of the movie. The viewers might get puzzled about the starting part of the movie.

The lighting part is dull in some scenes. The overall rating of the movie is good. Some viewers would love the movie and some might dislike the picture completely.


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