Wait Till You See These Mystical Cryptids; They May Actually Exist [WATCH VIDEO]

By alin | 3 years ago
Wait Till You See These Mystical Cryptids; They May Actually Exist [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Immanuel Giel |

Cryptids are the animals whose existence has not been scientifically proven. These animals were mostly identified by scientists as part of legends and myths. They are categorized into unconfirmed, disputed, proposed, extinct, confirmed and hoax.

Watch the video and decide whether the animals listed need to be added to the scientifically recognized class of animals.

Below are some of the mystical cryptids that may actually exist:

  • Big Foot a.k.a. Sasquatch. This apelike creature was said to live in forests, specifically in the Pacific Northwest part of North America.
  • Chupacabra  was believed to first appear in Puerto Rico.
  • The mysterious Acurinus (White Amazonian Indians or White Indians) from Amazon Rainforest
  • The large gray feline called Nunda.
  • The batlike Ahool (Pterapus boomus)
  • The Canvey Island Monster and its famous story
  • The Lochness Monster
  • The Maltese or Blue Tiger of Fujian Province of China
  • The famous Globster
  • The almost mythical Jersey Devil

Cryptozoologists have been working on placing these cryptids to their proper place in Taxonomy. Although most were believed to be hoaxes, some of the recognized animals today were once listed as cryptids. For more interesting features and entertainment news, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Immanuel Giel



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