The Walking Dead Gets Big Ratings For Midseason 7 Premiere, Spoilers Revealed For Each Episode

By Alka Vishnoi | 2 years ago
The Walking Dead Gets Big Ratings For Midseason 7 Premiere, Spoilers Revealed For Each Episode
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The Walking Dead manages to make high ratings with its Midseason 7 premiere. Despite the series competing with The Grammy’s it registers a rise of 13 % in its ratings from the Midseason premiere which happened in December 2016.

The episode titled Rock in the Road continues as a well received one as it posts a rating of 5.7. It has been directed by none other than executive producer Greg Nicotero.

The Walking Dead Gets Big Ratings For Midseason 7 Premiere

On one hand, this cannot be considered as something surprising. Keeping in mind the popularity of the show this remains an expected thing. The major factor which worked in the series favor is the appearance of all the fan favorite character in Rock in the Road episode. However, the characters have grown in The Walking Dead just like its ratings. There is Rick Grimes who is seen rallying his community. He is making the initial attempts over taking on Negan and the Saviors.

Undoubtedly, The Walking Dead will again bring in the gunfights and explosions in its new trailer. Moreover until the series reaches Season 7 finale the ratings will go up consistently too. Not to forget the die-hard viewers of The Walking Dead will not get disheartened as the show moves further. Here is what the nine episodes of Season 7 have as per the storyline.

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Spoilers Over Each Episode Revealed

The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be is the first episode of the series. In this episode Negan needs to take a tough decision which will eventually effect the life of all the members who are alive.

The Episode 2 of The Walking Dead Season 7 titled The Well sees Carol and Morgan arriving The Kingdom. Once they reach the destination, they are confronted with Ezekiel and his tiger.

Episode 3 tiled The Well shows The Saviors tormenting Daryl. Therefore it delves deep into the machinations Of The Saviors.

The Walking Dead Episode 4 and 5 are titled Service and Go Getters respectively. And it shows Negan, Maggie and Sasha in different situations. While Negan makes a trip to Alexandria, both Maggie and Sasha are on the Hilltop.

Moving on to Episode 6 and 7 titled Swear and Sing Me A Song respectively. Swear episode shows Tara discovering a new community and this community has some really unusual habits. And in Episode 7, Carl stands in front of Lucille and Negan in the sanctuary, reports Cultured Vultures.

The Episodes 8 and 9 of The Walking Dead Season 7 are titled Hearts Still Beating and Rock In The World repectively. The Kingdom and Alexandria come together in the end making the last episode a bit comic.

The Walking Dead Season 7 may not prove to be best one in the series but fans will still love it for its characters.

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