The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4 Episode 7 – ‘Dead Weight’

By admin | 4 years ago

Episode 7 of season 4 of the hit series, The Walking Dead continued on from where it left off in episode, post Woodbury.

Martinez and his crew find the Governor in a pit holding his new, proclaimed step-daughter. The crew helps Brian and Megan both out of the pit and adds them to their camp where they will have to contribute and provide whatever service they can. This scene is constantly being shuffled around with another scene where Brian and Megan are playing chess and Brian waits for Megan to make her move, while she thinks over it and questions about whether they are going to be alright or not. Brian re-assures her that everything is going to be fine. However, she still isn’t sure about the goodness of the people in the camp. Why is that? We think it’d because of the huge tank right next to them but you guys are free to express your opinions on it as well.

In the trailer, we see that Brian has now completely fallen in love with Lilly and he feels that the place they have right now isn’t good enough for them and that they could do better but Lilly, being a very good would-be wife assures him that they can make the place better and more homey.

Brian, Martinez and a couple other guys go out for a supply run where they encounter a handful of dead bodies each with a sign hanging from their shoulders, ‘Liar’, ‘Rapist’, ‘Murderer’ was written on the signs. The group ignores them and heads to a small house, this is where they encounter the dead guy with the ‘murderer’ sign on his shoulders. They make their way inside where they are ambushed by a walker in the dark whom Brian gets rids of.

Things get hot and heavy the next day as Martinez who is drunk, invites Brian for some golf on top of his trailer where he mentions that he cannot guarantee everybody’s safety. This expression, though somewhat true, sets off an alarm in the Governor’s head and he smacks Martinez in the back of his head with a golf club and then drags him into a pit full of zombies and leaves him there to die.

One day passes and people notice that Martinez is dead. They assume that while drunk he might’ve walked over to the pit to grab the golf balls but miserably failed.

However, the Governor is still worried and grabs his family to leave the camp as it is not safe enough there anymore but fails to escape as the road is blocked by a pack of walkers clumped up in the middle of the road. They return back to camp.

Pete, the nice guy who has become camp leader after Martinez’s passing is stabbed by the Governor the next morning. Though I’m not totally sure why but it seems that Brian must’ve thought that Pete is weak and doesn’t have what it takes to survive or protect the camp. After Brian deals with Pete, he heads over to Mitch, the more aggressive one, who wanted to take out to a camp of 10 people to get supplies. This is why Brian killed Pete as he refused to kill them to take supplies. Brian hashes out a deal with Mitch where Brian tells him that he is now leading the camp and Mitch is to say nothing about the murder of Pete. They blame the death on walkers. Nice to see how walkers can be used for murdering someone. It explains the shear savagery in us humans, or is it just a means of survival?

The next day we see that the camp is running smoothly under the Governor’s rule and that Mitch and Brian are working well together. However, as the episode nears to a close we see that Megan is attacked by a zombie and just barely escapes, we think she might’ve got bitten however, a smooth shot from Brian to the head of the walker dismissed the whole situation.

And then we return to episode 5′s cliffhanger. The Governor is on the edge of the forest outside the prison and observing Rick and Carl in their garden. Walking further around the woods, Brian comes across Michonne and Hershel. He aims at the two, but the episode ends there.

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