The Walking Dead Season 5 Adds a New Regular Cast Member

By April Lara | 4 years ago
The Walking Dead Season 5 Adds a New Regular Cast Member
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AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has added a new regular cast member that we will see next season. TWD fans are so excited for the next season and now that the whole cast has reached Terminus, what’s going to happen now? Is this new regular cast member will bring hope?

The show is adding Seth Gilliam (The Wire). He will play the character of Michael Todd (a dummy name) and is said to be a character with two sides: a friendly side and a dark side. Fans of the graphic novel may have an idea who Gilliam will play.

We have seen Gilliam for his recurring appearances on MTV’s “Teen Wolf” and he will continue to appear on the show while he takes on his new role on “The Walking Dead.”

Robert Kirkman, “The Walking Dead” creator has been a fan of the “The Wire” and he has expressed his desire to get as many actors from that show into his show. In fact, he has acquired Chad Coleman and Lawrence Gilliard already who plays Tyreese and Bob in his show. And now, he has gained another “The Wire” cast through Gilliam.

So far, Gilliam is only the first new cast member regular to be reported who will appear on the season 5 of “The Walking Dead.” However, some stars from last season got promoted to be series regulars such as Andrew J. West who plays the leader of Terminus named Gareth, Alanna Masterson plays Tara and Christian Serratos plays Rosita.

What do you think of Gilliam being a new cast member of “The Walking Dead?” And what do you think is his role, really? Details about his character are still under wraps and it looks like fans are in for a surprise. As said, if you have been a fan of the graphic novel and you have been following it religiously, you might now have an idea on what kind of role he’s going to play and his contribution on the show.

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