The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: The Distance

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: The Distance
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The events have turned around in “The Walking Dead” Season 5, Episode 11 “The Distance.” Now, Rick and the crew put their trust again on the unknown and their hope still lives. Read below for the full recap.

With Aaron’s presence, Rick is very skeptical. He interrogates him and asks him how many they are who’s been watching him and his crew. Aaron calmly answered him with “one” with only a bit of nervousness. He said he’s been following them for weeks now. He’s seen how his crew works and that’s something that the Alexandria would welcome beyond its walls. Aaron told them that they will be valuable additions to his group. It was because he’s never seen them turn their backs against each other even during the most drastic times.

Aaron was all tied up. He asked Rick to look at the pictures of his community in his backpack and started explaining how well-protected their camp’s walls are. Before he could say more, Rick knocked him out cold to look for more clues about him and if he’s really telling the truth. He wakes up shortly and was the least bit surprised of what Rick did. Aaron saw that coming.

He told Rick that there are two cars parked a couple of miles down the road. He said that it’s his job to return to his camp with Rick and his crew. Rick asked Glenn, Abraham and Rosita to check the cars out and to ensure that there are no other people like Aaron watching over them. They went on ahead and we saw a figure watching them from behind, they didn’t see him. Glenn and the others found the two cars and brought them over to Rick. The cars have some supplies that they can use.

Rick remains skeptical until Michonne convinced him to give it a shot and go with Aaron. Finally, Rick was convinced with conditions and took a different route to Alenxandria. They set off during the night. It was going well at first until they found a radio stashed under the passenger seat. Rick said that they’re being monitored and told Glenn who’s driving the other car. Glenn’s car skidded and got into a bunch of walkers. They were attacked by the walkers but they managed to survive and found each other. We also saw who the person lurking behind watching them earlier this episode, it’s Eric, Aaron’s boyfriend.

The next day, they went on ahead towards Alexandria but the car broke down and they had to fix it. Rick hid a gun in a nearby house just in case and they set off again. When they got to Alexandria, they heard children’s laughter and Rick took Judith in his arms and walked towards Alexandria.

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