The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: Remember

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: Remember
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The Walking Dead” Season 5 Episode 12 “Remember” saw Rick and the group’s entry to Alexandria. Read on to learn more about it.

Rick and the group have officially entered Alexandria and they were asked to hand over their weapons. Of course, they didn’t hand it over so Rick was taken to Deanna, the woman-in-charge of Alexandria who is also a former congressman. Deanna’s home is really nice considering the zombie apocalypse going on behind its walls. When Rick got there Deanna asked if she could film the interview, Rick could care less because he really doesn’t trust anyone.

Deanna never experienced fighting for her live outside the walls of Alexandria. It was is why she’s still under the pretense that things are nice. She hasn’t been wounded and hasn’t killed off a bunch of walkers, hence the optimism. Rick was actually surprised by this. Deanne said that they do really need to hand over their weapons. They would keep it for safety but she’s not forcing Rick to do so. She just told him that if they want in, they need to hand over their weapons.

Rick then decided to give Alexandria a shot so the group handed over their weapons and some of them weren’t really happy about this. After this, they were sent to their homes. Rick and Carl have separate homes and each member of their group was given their own home instead. It was also surprising that Carol was all smiles and optimistic inside Alexandria.

When Rick got inside his home, he quickly showered and shaved. A neighbor named Jessie came knocking on his door with a supplies basket and offered Rick a haircut. Meanwhile, Carl was touring his second home. He found a closed door he got paranoid and took out his knife. When he opened it was a room full of comic books, posters and CD’s. He was so excited to rummage through all of them.

When night came, Rick asked the whole group to stay in and sleep in one house and the group obliged. Deanne stopped by to check in on them. She was surprised that everyone’s huddled in Rick’s living room. She told them that they have given everyone their jobs except for Rick.

Daryl remains skeptical and wouldn’t sit still.  Carol kept on being all smiles as if everything’s finally alright in the world. Carl took Judith and Rick went out for a walk and he panicked when he lost sight of the two. Luckily, Jessie found him and directed him to their neighbor’s house who was fondling Judith. Jessie explained that no one has seen a baby for a while now and they are so excited with Judith’s presence.

Jessie asked Carl to meet her son and Rick let him. Carl met Jessie’s son as well as his friends and a girl. She has also been taken from outside the wall and took 3 months before she spoke to them. Later that night, Rick asked Carl how the kids were and Carl said he thinks people there are weak. After that, Michonne and Rick stared out the window together. Michonne told him that she has a good feeling about Alexandria. Rick countered that if she has, they wouldn’t both be awake that moment. Rick went outside again to go for a walk and a man greeted him who introduced himself as Jessie’s husband.

Finally, Carol’s “happy” vibe was explained when she confided in Daryl that she’s doing that to keep up appearances. Rick went out for a walk again to look for the gun he put inside a blender in a house outside Alexandria and was surprised that it wasn’t there anymore. Glenn, Tara and Noah are to go with Aiden and Nicholas to get supplies outside Alexandria. However, things didn’t go well for the survivors and Alexandrians when they encountered walkers.

Finally, when the issue between the Alexandrians and survivors were somehow settled, Deanne told Rick that his and Michonne’s jobs are constable. The episode ended with Rick, Daryl and Carol talking with Carol.  She saying that she’s afraid that Alexandria might turn them into weak people. Rick doubts that and said that if things didn’t work out they’re going to take Alexandria for themselves.

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