The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: No Sanctuary

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: No Sanctuary
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The flesh-and-brain-eating zombies are back, and so is the team that we have grown to love over the years who have been fighting so hard to survive the zombie apocalypse. “The Walking Dead” Season 5 Episode 1 “No Sanctuary” has premiered, and it was intense. Read on for the full recap.

Rick and the others were still stuck in the railcar, but they have already figured out that Terminus is not a sanctuary, and the sick and twisted Terminans are going to get them — and eat them. With no weapons at hand, they started making weapons of their own from their belts to zippers, while Garrett was talking to someone outside about what they are going to do to Rick’s group. The door opened to the railcar and Garett definitely saw it coming because they threw flash bombs in, which made it harder for the group to see, and they weren’t able to use their weapons. We saw a couple of people got dragged out of the railcar including Rick, Daryl and Glenn.

They were wheeled in a slaughterhouse where there were two butchers and some hanging and skinned bodies. Terrible. They were all lined up with the others who will get slaughtered for the day, and the butchers seem to be enjoying what they’re doing as we saw them slitting the throat of a victim and bashing someone’s head in using a baseball bat. When they were about to get to Glenn, the scene changed.

We saw Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith walking down the railroad track; but they encountered a group of walkers that they had to go hide until they saw smoke from up ahead. They realized that the group of walkers were staggering to get to Terminus. Someone was patrolling the woods, and Carol sneaked up behind him. But before that, she already heard the guy talking to someone over the walkie talkie about Michonne and Carl. She put a gun on his head and captured him and took him hostage.

However, the Terminan that they have captured will not go down without a fight, and he took baby Judith as hostage, but Tyreese saved the day by bashing his head in. While Carol went out on her own, headed to Terminus, she saw the slaughterhouse and saw Rick, Daryl and Glenn there. She blew up a gas tank, and that caused a commotion in Terminus and that’s when the battle started between Rick’s group, the Terminus people and the walkers because the walkers have found their way in and have been eating the flesh out of so many people.

Carol even encountered a woman in the room where there were candles which she shot and fed to the walkers. She found her way to Daryl. They hugged, and it felt so good. She also hugged Rick and brought them all to the shack. Rick was finally reunited with his baby, but before that, he placed a “NO” on the “Sanctuary” Terminus sign; hence, the episode’s title. And Garett disappeared as well, but we think that he’s still alive, and he’s the new villain that Rick’s group has to deal with this season.

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