The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: Strangers

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: Strangers
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Now that the whole gang was finally reunited, they were in for another journey in “The Walking Dead” Season 5 Episode 2 “Strangers.” Read further to learn more about this episode.

Basking from the joy of finally being reunited again and conquering an obstacle last episode, the joy seemed to be dwindling away when they finally realized that it’s time to move on. In this episode, “moving on” was actually not something to look forward to for the survivors because it only means that they haven’t found their solace, and walkers are still everywhere. However, they were left with no choice but to move on and find a place that they could inhabit while they search for the cure.

Rick welcomed Carol back to the group even though she banished her for what she’s done. However,  Rick was so happy and thankful that she still took care of her baby. However, Carol didn’t want to talk about what she and Tyreese have been through, especially to Daryly, but she did accept Rick’s welcome.

Then there’s the new member of the group, Gabriel, who might just give them the refuge that they seek or not. Rick was very cautious because after what they’ve been through, taking new people in only to be betrayed, he’s making sure that it’s not going to happen this time around. That was put to the test right away when they heard screams for help in the forest. Rick also asked Gabriel if he has already killed anyone. Gabriel has neither killed a person or a walker because all he did was stay inside the church until they found him there.

Gabriel led them to the church, and Rick and Daryl were guarded already. When they got to the church, they found out that it was very clean, and there’s not a single strange thing inside unlike in Terminus. Daryl also voiced out to Rick that someone might be following them.

Gabriel led the group to the local food bank to get supplies, while Rick constantly reminded Carl not to trust anyone and to be always on his guard. There had been a battle with the walkers in the food bank, but they were able to get out there and get their supplies. Michonne told Rick that she doesn’t miss her old life anymore, but she does miss Andrea and Herschel.

Back at the church, Rick found Carl, and Carl showed him cuts along the wall and words that say, “You’ll burn for this.” It seems like there’s no saint in this apocalypse anymore. During dinner, Abe said that they have to get to Washington, to Dr.Eugene. After that, Rick came up to Gabriel and thanked him for letting them in but said that he’s hiding something. And if he hurts his group, he’s going to kill him.

As for Carol, she went to the car, and Daryl was there. Suddenly, they were startled when a car roared past them. It was the car that took Beth.  Meanwhile, Bob was having his alone time outside the church when suddenly he got knocked out by a hooded figure. Daryl was right, they were being followed. The hooded figure dragged him to a campfire, and there, we saw Gareth and some other people from Terminus. They tied Bob up, and they ate him!

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