The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: Them

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: Them
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With the zombie apocalypse still going on, it’s very difficult to stay sane especially if tragic deaths have happened since it started. How much can a person take? In “The Walking Dead” Season 5, Episode 10 “Them,” some of the group’s members are so close to giving up until for the nth time around, another glimmer of hope may be just around the corner. Read on for more details.

Rick’s crew were very thirsty. The creeks and other sources of water are all dried up, which was actually weird because do zombies drink? I think not. Well anyway, yeah, they’re all thirsty and to make matters worse, with that kind of dehydration and fighting for your life every single day it really is bound to take a toll on you. Sasha has become more aggressive and almost went head to head with Michonne who tried to stop her from her aggressive behavior and just chill it out. The death of her brother has taken a toll on her that she expresses her grief through aggression that none of the group appreciates.

There’s also Maggie who’s just so depressed and has been thinking for quite some time now to end things for her. It was especially when they encountered a woman inside the trunk of a car, all tied up and gagged and yes, she was a zombie. For Maggie, things are so bad that what’s the point of still living when there’s no hope at all?

Rick also tried to convince the group that they should keep on fighting. He told them a story about his grandfather and said, “We do what we do and then we get to live. We tell ourselves that we are the walking dead.” Right you are Rick. All along I really thought that the title of the show pertains to the zombies but if you look at it in a deeper perspective, the living are really the walking dead. Imagine living in a world full of dead people?

Alas, it rained and everyone was so happy. They all gathered their water bottles so that the rain could fill it and opened their mouths to satiate their thirsts. It was such a happy moment until they realized that the rain wasn’t just an ordinary rain but a storm was fast approaching and it’s going to be really bad. They retired to a barn but then later that night a lot of zombies walked up to the house. They all had to push against the door to keep the walkers out.

They managed to survive the night and they went on the next day. Carl found a music box that was broken and gave it to Maggie to cheer her up. Maggie and Sasha tried to make it work but it still didn’t work. They just laughed it off until a stranger came who looks very neat and clean and cheerful named Aaron told them that he has good news for them and then the music box started playing. It also turns out that it was Aaron who left them fresh water early in the episode, but they refused to take it thinking it was a trap while Aaron was still cautious to meet up with them.

Is there hope?

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