‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Premiere Recap: First Time Again

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Premiere Recap: First Time Again
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead” Season 6, Episode 1 “First Time Again” has aired and Morgan and Rick have learned to trust each other again… but that harmonious relationship will not go as smooth as expected because Alexandria is looking forward to a huge group of walkers about to bang on their doors.

We all know Rick as someone who tackles obstacles with a plan in mind, but that plan somehow backfired when they realised that it must be executed a day earlier. The premiere opened in a quarry of walkers and everyone’s listening to Rick’s orders. It was until a truck falls off on one of the exit routes and broke a rock wall. It did kill a few walkers, though but this also gives way to the other walkers to enter Alexandria.

The other residents of Alexandria remain doubtful of Rick and his plan, but they didn’t have any choice but to do it when a swarm of Walkers approach. Prior to that, everybody got together for the first time again. They are coping with the death of Ron, Carl and Enid shared a moment, and Glenn returns but injured along with Nicholas who is also injured. Tara has finally woken up, too and Rick had the chance to reconnect with Morgan but still leaves him in an isolated part of the house because he is not yet in the trusting mood. Rick tells Daryl that he doesn’t want any new people anymore coming in Alexandria. It was especially because of the many curved W’s that are appearing on the faces of the walkers.

Rick and Morgan had a bonding moment and Morgan doesn’t really mind that he’s locked up. He knows that Rick has to trust him again. As for Rick, he appreciates this so he told him about Alexandria. Morgan also learned how much Rick has changed compared to when he first met him. They were walking around when they found Father Gabriel and Tobin digging graves for Reg and Pete. Rick told them to stop because he said he doesn’t want killers buried within the walls and Deanna agrees. So they decided to bury the bodies outside town. Ron sneakily followed the group to see where his father is going to be buried, but he was found when he was almost attacked by walkers. Rick lectured R and even offered to teach him how to kill and be safe during these times. However, Ron is the least excited about this “lesson” knowing that Rick killed his father.

Upon discovering the quarry, Rick called for a town meeting and that’s when we get to see the others namely Heath, Scott and Annie. Heath told Rick that he knows about the quarry and Rick said that the quarry will put them all in trouble. Carter doesn’t agree with Rick, or rather, he doesn’t want a new leader in town.

However, there’s nothing he can do about it because Deanna is on the side of the sheriff so Rick started to gather up volunteers to help with the quarry. Their plan was to build a road at a cross street to direct the walkers in one direction only. Since Carter had something to do with Alexandria’s walls, there is nothing he can do but help on this new mission.

Building the walls has become somehow a “bonding” moment for the Alexandria people. Daryl tried to convince Rick again to let in new survivors, however, Rick still wouldn’t budge. He also talked to Deanna and suggested that they should train the Alexandria people. Deanna didn’t like the idea at first until some walkers tried to attack the other workers on the wall. They were all caught off-guard, not knowing what to do so Rick and the other experienced fighters ended the fight instead.

Carter still won’t let go of his distaste in Rick’s “ruling” and gathered some of his men to plot and kill Rick. Unfortunately, Eugene heard the whole thing and to make matters worse, just when Eugene decided to get out of there without being seen, he dropped a jar and caught Carter’s attention. Carter pointed a gun at him and right on time, Rick appeared and almost killed Carter, but he didn’t because people there are watching. After that incident, Morgan talked to Rick and told him that he is still the man he met before and he knows that it wasn’t over for them, just what Rick told him before.

The day of their plan execution arrives and everything went smoothly until Carter was bitten by a walker, his screams distracted the walkers and to make things worse, a horn coming from Alexandria blared and the walkers are now on their way to Alexandria, leaving Rick’s plan a failure.

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