‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Recap: The Wolves Are Here; Bloodbath in Alexandria

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Recap: The Wolves Are Here; Bloodbath in Alexandria
The Walking Dead

“The Walking Dead” Season 6 Episode 2 made way for the wolves and Carol’s bad ass personality. It also looks like one of the Alexandrians have been working with the wolves for quite some time now… which caused the infiltration. Too bad Rick, Michonne and Daryl weren’t there to witness and participate in the action. They could have killed ALL of them.

Let’s start off with a flashback to Enid’s life before she got to Alexandria. Enid’s past was horrible as she saw her parents get eaten by zombies right outside of their car when her parents were trying to fix it. Surprisingly, Enid survived and during her journey, she wrote “JSS” along the way until she ends up in front of Alexandria.


In the present day, Carol was busy keeping up her “housewife” facade along with the other housewives of Alexandria, who worries about not having a pasta maker. It’s funny how a person living in a zombie-infested world worries about a kitchen appliance.

Carol is really good in keeping up that facade but things definitely took a turn when she saw a man smoking on her lawn and was about to call him out when suddenly, another man came up to the man and killed him. It’s game time.

It turns out that Alexandria was under attack by The Wolves. The wolves were brutally killing Alexandrians they set their eyes on and Carol shed off the housewife facade and went to the real Carol that we all love. She even pretended to be one of them and bumped into Morgan. Still, Morgan wouldn’t kill anyone and was appalled when Carol didn’t hesitate to kill the Wolves she bumps into.

Carl hid with her baby sister in the house when Enid came. Enid was ready to leave Alexandria but was stalled for a moment. But she did leave and when Carl came back for her he just found a note that says “Just Survive Somehow.” Isn’t that what “JSS” means? Oh and Enid somehow has let something slipped that has to do with Wolves. Could it be that she’s one of them? Maybe.


There is also a new doctor in town, Denise, who is actually a psychologist. She doesn’t know that much when it comes to saving a life and couldn’t even diagnose Tara’s real problem. However, she was put into the test when she had to save a woman’s life who got attacked by one of the Wolves. Sadly, she wasn’t able to and this disappointed her so bad. The first day on the job and someone died in her hands already? Well, that really sucks.

Morgan still wouldn’t kill anyone and even had some Wolves ran for their lives. He even warned one of them to leave because they have guns and they would kill them. After all of that, Morgan stumbled upon a house with one of the Wolves in it who was about to kill him but recognised him. He said he should have killed him and went for him but Morgan took him out and the screen went black. It looks like he has killed someone… again.

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