‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers: Attack Of The Wolves?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers: Attack Of The Wolves?
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead” Season 6 premiere had a pretty good run, yet viewers have expressed mixed reactions on the return of the hit AMC series. One of the biggest highlights of the Season 6 premiere is Morgan and Rick’s reconciliation. Although Rick hasn’t given his full trust yet, we know it’s going to come pretty soon. And there’s Carter’s premature death that has caught us by surprise. Read the full recap here. Now, the big burning question is, what’s going to happen on Episode 2?

First off, Scott M. Gimple elaborated on “The Walking Dead’s” twist this season. Ethan Embry’s character death is still a surprise and viewers think that his death came a little bit too quickly.

Gimple said during an interview with TVLine, “We don’t want death to feel just like something to tick off on a box, so, that way when he’s killed the audience feels some sort of loss, even if it’s just a story loss. We want the impact felt of what Rick is doing and what Morgan feels for what Rick did.”

He also said that they are going bigger every year and “TWD” Season 6 will explore more of Rick’s character and the others as well.

“The Walking Dead” Season 6 spoilers also revealed, as per Yibada, that Episode 2 will be explosive. The episode is titled “JSS” and we have yet to find out what it means next week when Episode 2 airs. Some Reddit users have already speculated on what it means and most of their speculations point to the Wolves that we saw in the Season 5 finale.

“The Walking Dead” spoilers also suggest that Rick and his group will be up for a new and bigger threat on Episode 2.

The synopsis for Episode says, “Things might seem to be finally normalizing in Alexandria. However, trouble is far from over for the people. A new problem in the Safe-Zone changes everything for Alexandrians.”

Will the Wolves attack the Alexandrians now? What do you think? Share your views in the comments below.

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