The Walking Dead: Most Watched TV Series For 2016; Big Bang Theory And Empire In Top 3

By IvyV | 2 years ago
The Walking Dead: Most Watched TV Series For 2016; Big Bang Theory And Empire In Top 3

The Walking Dead may have slipped down in ratings after the Season 7 premiere episode. However, the show is tagged as the most tv show for 2016.  Plus, know the other tv shows that rule the ratings this year.

AMC’s horrifying television series dominated the viewers especially this 2016 with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s arrival as Negan in Season 6 finale. Season 6 finale reportedly earned 14.2 million viewers, 8.8 million viewers came from 18-49 demographics.

Most Watched TV Shows

The Walking Dead

 Season 7 opened with the gruesome deaths of Abraham and Glenn earned a whopping 17.29 million viewers, 8.7% caters to 18-49 demographics. Reports claimed that after The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, ratings began to slipped down to the show’s lowest.
But the show remains to be the most watched television series based on ratings for year 2016. According to TV by the NumbersTWD received an average of 11.27 million viewers for 18-49 demographics, dominating the title as most watched and highest rated series for the year.

The Big Bang Theory, Empire

Behind the zombie apocalypse series is CBS’ group of nerds in The Big Bang Theory with an average of 6.99 million viewers. Fox’s Empire not falling behind with 6.79 million viewers.

Game Of Thrones and X-Files Reboot

Surprisingly, HBO’s Game of Thrones snagged the fourth position with 6.73 million viewers. The X-Files’ reboot proven to be a success as the series considered to be one of the most watched for 2016 with 6.09 million viewers.
Earlier this year, TWD also gained the title as the most tweeted TV series for 2016. A website claimed that the show was tweeted an average of 435,000 per episode in Season 6. The show proved to generate controversies despite reports on dwindling viewership ratings.
Do you think The Walking Dead will still rule in 2017? Stay tuned for more news and updates on your favorite tv shows.

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