Is “Wall-E” and “Splash” Fusion Movie Into Making?

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
Is “Wall-E” and “Splash” Fusion Movie Into Making?

Guillermo del Toro, the director who is known for his fascination with monsters and for clubbing fairy tales and horror in his movies, is once again in news on the issue of which project he will do next. Confusing rumors are making rounds regarding him making his next by taking ideas from 2008 animated film, “Wall-E” and 1984 released “Splash.”  Read on.

Both the movies have fantasy element in them as “Wall-E,” a Pixar movie, is a story of a lonely robot who eventually discovered the reason for loss of humanity on earth whereas Tom Hanks starrer “Splash,” which was nominated for Academy Award for Best Screenplay, is about a person who falls in love with a mermaid. It was after she rescued him from drowning when he was small.

Toro, who was in news recently for bringing the next part of the 2013 released movie “Pacific Rim” titled “Pacific Rim: Maelstrom” and also for planning to introduce “Godzilla” into it, has so many ideas in his mind but which idea he will implement first is quite confusing. Though, the producers and Legendary Pictures have put the movie on hold for indefinite time, reported by Variety along with The Hollywood Reporter.

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Presently, the director is waiting for the release of his big budget Mia Wasikowska and Tom Hiddleston starrer supernatural Gothic romance horror movie titled, “Crimson Peak,” which is scheduled for release on Oct. 16, 2015.

Well, it is not the right time to come to a conclusion because the director’s name has been linked with many projects till now, like “Carnival Row,” a Frankenstein film, the third movie in the Hellboy series, for two “Hobbit” movies before but the end result was always different. So, it is better to leave it to the director for come up and announce himself of what he is actually planning to direct or bring in front of the audience.

Till then, let us wish the mysterious director all the very best for his future ventures.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Guillermo del Toro

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