‘War Room’ Becoming More Than A Top-Notch? Faith-Based Movie Gives Priceless Legacy To Audience Every Single Day

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘War Room’ Becoming More Than A Top-Notch? Faith-Based Movie Gives Priceless Legacy To Audience Every Single Day
PHOTOGRAPH: War Room | “War Room” becomes more than a top-notch.

Action, Gangsta rap, Non-fiction – these are the three of many film genres which made it to top five in Hollywood. But what makes the faith-based movie like “War Room” still a top-notch? Read on for more details.

A lot of people had been inspired by this movie proving that drastic time doesn’t always call for drastic measures, but prayer does.

Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick definitely thanked God for the unexpected things going on with “War Room” but their fate doesn’t always start in a blink of success. In 2006, the Kendricks struggled in finding a distributor for their second film “Facing the Giants.”

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As they sought permission in using a song from Sony, the company reached out telling them that it’s not only the song they could use but they also wanted to release their film, CNN reported. A blessing that extremely been endowed regardless of all the struggles.

It won’t be a miracle if “Straight Outta Compton” is beaten out by “War Room” as it had been graded A+ in Cinema Score and was much better than the critics, with eighteen percent positive on rotten tomatoes giving it a poor quality, TheWrap reported.

Who would have thought that Alex Kendrick, who does not even have their own home television will be able to reach this far?

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“As a boy, for years, we did not have a television. Our parents were pretty conservative,” Alex said. An appreciation to what all Christians believed that with God nothing is ever impossible.

In spite of all the success, it’s not money, fame, nor is joining the bandwagon of Hollywood became the aim of “War Room.” Alex said that to give a call to the people of faith and church in becoming more devoted and sincere walk as well as to express faith with conviction and sincerity is their main intention.

Fortunes that brought by this movie with the Kendrick Brothers Productions truly leave everyone in awe but the impact for those who watched it is priceless.

Prayer does beat it all.

Check out the official trailer of “War Room.”

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Photo source: Facebook/”War Room”

Video source: Official YouTube Channel/”War Room”

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