‘Warcraft: The Beginning’ Movie Release Date Finally Confirmed! Duncan Jones Releases Official Trailer [WATCH]

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
‘Warcraft: The Beginning’ Movie Release Date Finally Confirmed! Duncan Jones Releases Official Trailer [WATCH]
Warcraft: The Beginning

Director Duncan Jones has released an official trailer for his upcoming 2016 American epic fantasy film “Warcraft: The Beginning,” a sequel to the “Warcraft” series. The release date of the film has also been confirmed finally. Read on to find more details.

Based on a report from YIBADA, the official trailer might attract the support from the game lovers of the series. However, the reaction of other people is yet to be analyzed.

According to Wikipedia entry, the filming of the “Warcraft” sequel movie stared on January 13, 2014, and completed on May 23, 2014. The film is confirmed to be released internationally as “Warcraft: The Beginning” by Universal Pictures on June 10, 2016.


The sequel movie was subjected to “certain kind of changes’ while it was developed since the Universal Pictures delayed its release date to June 10 due to competition. However, there’s no other clear details on why the Universal Pictures concerns so much about the release date of the sequel film.

Some speculations are also there that the sequel is a “problem movie,” based on a report from The Hollywood Reporter. Reports revealed that the sequel movie was produced with almost a nine figure budget. A huge budget means that there would be too much expectation from the film. Hence, this could be the reason why the Universal Pictures is concentrating more on the movie’s release date.

The sequel film was originally set to be released in December 2015. Then, the release date was rescheduled to March 2016, and again to June 2016.

Duncan Jones seems to be not upset about the changes in the “Warcraft” release date. The June release date seems to be the final as the director himself has confirmed it on Twitter. He also revealed that he and the Universal Pictures are more confident about the success of the film, as a response to a “Warcraft” game lover’s question.

Hope the sequel film “Warcraft: The Beginning” would meet the expectations of the film maker, game lovers, as well as others.

Watch the official trailer of the “WARCRAFT” sequel  movie given below:

[jwplayer mediaid=”123420″]


Photo Source: Facebook/ Warcraft: The Beginning

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