Universal Pictures Consider ‘Warcraft’ Movie ‘Problem’; Wanted PG-13 ‘Crimson Peak’!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Universal Pictures Consider ‘Warcraft’ Movie ‘Problem’; Wanted PG-13 ‘Crimson Peak’!

Things are not cool between Legendary and Universal Pictures these days. Earlier last week, Universal Pictures took “King Kong” prequel, “Kong: Skull Island” from Legendary Pictures to their former partner, Warner Bros. It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter that the move is presaged because of some underlying tension between the two studios. Read on.

According to new reports now Universal and Warner Bros. are looking forward to the”King Kong/Godzilla” trilogy. Whereas, Legendary will work on “Pacific Rim.” In the recent time, Universal has invested in three projects from Legendary – “Krampus,” a holiday horror by Michael Dougherty, “The Great Wall,” starring Matt Damon, and “Warcraft,” Duncan Jones’ ambitious video game adaptation.

According to Universal Studios’ chief, Donna Langley, “The Great Wall” and “Warcraft” are “problem movies” even if they have huge creative promises with the given talent involved.

At summer, some of the footage from upcoming “Warcraft” movie was shown at Comic-Con but it got mixed responses from fans of the game, but at Adam’s panel the footage was praised a lot for the use of exceptional CGI effects. However, the footage made a lot to believe that given the storyline, the tone of the footage could be a challenge for a broad audience.

This is not the first time when Universal declined to fund a Legendary film. Legendary was in full agreement with Universal Pictures for Guillermo del Toro’s “Crimson Peak” but the studio considered the investment too risky on an R-rated horror film and wanted to drop the ratings to PG-13.

As it turned out, Legendary Films funded the entire project by themselves. The movie that is scheduled to release next month is the R-rated version. Judging by Universal’s response over films like “Warcraft” and “Crimson Peak,” it looks like the studio is concerned with the profit/loss ratio with Legendary.

“Warcraft” still has a prime summer release date set for June 10, 2016 and “Crimson Peak” is gearing up to hit the theatres in the next month.

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