Warm Bodies Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Warm Bodies MovieWarm Bodies is a romantic comedy/drama set in a world of zombies. It is about a woman and a zombie who had consumed her boyfriend’s brain. R is a zombie played by Nicholas Hoult. It takes place eight years after a zombie epidemic.

R lives in an abandoned airport and wanders around America, which is now dominated by zombies. Zombies and humans are separated by a wall that is patrolled by armed guards. The corpses feed on the living while the extreme skeletal mutations called boneys feed on anything, including corpses.

He is called R because he recalls that his name begins with the letter when he was still human. He eats the brains of Perry (Dave Franco), who is the boyfriend of Julie (Teresa Palmer). The R and Julie love story is similar to Romeo and Juliet. When R consumed Perry’s brain, he experiences his love for Julie and R feels it for himself.

General Grigio (John Malkovich) is Julie’s father. He sends her out from the heavily guarded urban zome to search for medical supplies they can use in the abandoned buildings. R rescues her when she was attacked by a flesh-eating undead. It is hard to communicate with each other especially when he can only moan and grunt.

R starts to show behavior that makes him more and more human. HE still craves for human flesh and brains but he’s conflicted about it. He tries to exist on his memories of the life that he has lost for a long time.

When he eats human brains, he relives the lives in the memory in those brains and we see them as flashbacks. To be human again, a zombie must have some recollection of love so that the heart will start beating again. When that happens, speech and memory returns. Body temperature will also increase.

Warm Bodies is a romance about forbidden teen love. It is also a horror thriller and a comedy.

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