Warner Bros Acquires Movie Rights for The Monstrumologist

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Warner Bros Acquires Movie Rights for The Monstrumologist

Hollywood just can’t get enough of monsters as Variety reported that Warner Bros acquired the film rights to one of the bestselling supernatural books of 2014, “The Monstrumologist,” from Rick Yancey. Read on to learn more about the scoop on this new film adaptation.

Onlookers for the promising franchise of the popular young adult novel will be disappointed to find out that the film rights for the book has now been reserved for Warner Bros.

The book tells the tale of the adventures of specialized doctor, Dr. Pellinore Warthrop, and his trusty orphan assistant, Will Henry. It is set in the 1888, where he studies the existence of creatures and monsters that prowl in the night. Everything changed for him when two monstrous figures appeared at his door step: a half-eaten girl and a headless vicious man-eater. From there on, he assigned his young assistant to find more creatures.

“The Monstrumologist” came out in 2009 and was followed by “The Curse of the Wendigo” (2010), “The Isle of Blood” (2011) and “The Final Descent” (2013). Altogether creating a four-booked series, the movie holds a promising future that could possibly follow through with its success.

According to Bleeding Cool, the book series is known to contain metaphorical definitions on the creation of supernatural beings, complete with its allegorical value. Meaning, the imaginative twist of fantasy and reality is definitely something that one can fervently expect.

The preliminaries for the movie are all in motion as the studio has fixed production elements with Gotham Group’s Ellen Goldsmith Veinn and executive producer Eric Robinson. Also snagging a deal with State Street’s Bob Teitel and their executive producer George Tillman Jr. Jessica Postigo, known for her screenplay output for “Mortal Instruments: the City of Bones,” is assigned to make the script adaptation.

Everything is definitely set on stone with the overall lookout of the production studio in the persons of senior VP Drew Crevello and creative exec Jon Gonda.

A sci-fi adventure movie with a premise of gore is something that might get dialed down in the big screen. However, one should not simply overlook humanity’s desire for such exploitation. Ultimately, it’s a movie to watch out for.

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