Warner Bros. and RatPac Entertainment Acquire Film Rights to The Goldfinch

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Warner Bros. and RatPac Entertainment Acquire Film Rights to The Goldfinch

Another best-selling book will soon be gracing the cinemas as Warner Bros., together with RatPac Entertainment, has acquired movie rights for Donna Tartt’s novel “The Goldfinch.” Read on to learn more about this scoop.

A new addition to the Warner Bros. book to movie collection was recently guaranteed as New York Times best-selling novel “The Goldfinch” was acquired by the film company with the partnership of Ratpac Entertainment as announced earlier this week. In a report by Deadline, the novel that won the Pulitzer Prize is set to take the motion by producer Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson from Color Force. They will also be joined in by Brett Ratner who also directed the recently opened epic movie, “Hercules.” James Packer will also be joining the essential string of people as he will be the executive producer of the upcoming novel-based movie.

Judging from that lineup alone, you are able to detect the dynamic working relationship that exists between the two production houses Warner Bros. and RatPac Entertainment. Moreover, Dune will be taking over the overall slate in the financing deal and collaboration of the studios.

This is great news for Warner Bros. as it took them quite the sometime to close the very promising deal. According to The Wrap, the whole negotiation lasted for about several weeks. This is all due to the author and reps’ concern that Warner Bros. seem to be taking a lot of time in the development of her other novel “Secret History,” a deal they made several years ago and is showing no signs of progress.  With that underlying issue still at large, Tartt still pursued the negotiation but made some conditions towards the production process. She is to be involved with the course of the direction of the project, which includes the making of creative decisions.

The book tells the story of a 13-year-old boy named Theo Decker who lives in New York and survives a bombing incident in a museum that caused him to lose his mother. Trudging through his efforts of survival and mourning the loss of his mother, he decides on stealing the famous painting “The Goldfinch.” Later on, he was taken in by a wealthy friend and grows up with the painting being the only connection he has of his mother.

“The Goldfinch” has been on the New York Times best-selling novels for 39 weeks, and it would seem that Warner Bros. and RatPac Entertainment are seeing a lot of cinematic potential, judging by how much effort they had to go through with acquiring the novel.

That’s the entire scoop for the recently acquired movie deal by Warner Bros. with the best-selling novel “The Goldfinch.” Continue to check Movie News Guide (MNG) for the latest updates in the thriving industry of entertainment.

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