Warner Bros announces plan to make Superman/Batman Movie

By admin | 5 years ago

At the end of the Warner Bros panel held at Comic-Con, Zack Snyder the director of Man of Steel walked on stage. Snyder thanked those who supported the movies and announced in a rather nonchalant way that they were making another movie about Superman.

He said he could not say anything regarding the movie, but explained he looked through the entire DC Universe to find a way to give a hint about the new movie. However, he said he could only share on single element of the new movie.

Then before going any further, he asked for Harry Lennix, who was the Nick Fury character in the movie Man of Steel.

Lennix was called upon for a dramatic reading of the one element.

He read aloud an important line from The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. The line was spoken by none other than Batman, and referred to the one man who was able to beat Superman.

The line in the movie took place following a long battle the two superheroes had. When Lennix finished reading the line, a giant logo of Superman appeared on screen and was superimposed over a logo of Batman.

Another Superman movie is on its way and its co-star will be none other than Batman.

No other data about the upcoming project was released during the panel, but ripples are already being sent through cyberspace by the announcement.

Warner Bros has been clear with their hope of building a connected universe of films with Man of Steel as the foundation, with plans as well for a film on the Justice League off in the future.

The movie could be as far away as two years, but rumors will be flying daily in cyberspace as to what it will be all about.

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