Warner Bros Denies Charlie Sheen Returning to ‘Two and a Half Men’ as Actor Claims

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Warner Bros Denies Charlie Sheen Returning to ‘Two and a Half Men’ as Actor Claims
Charlie Sheen in March 2009. Wikimedia commons/Angela George

This fall, “Two and a Half Men” will be airing its final season and its original lead star, Charlie Sheen, is said to be in talks to return to the series. The studio that owns the show, however, has denied this. Read on for more about this development.

Charlie Sheen did an exclusive interview with TV Guide, where he claimed that he is in the middle of working out a possible return on “Two and a Half Men.” The last time the actor was on the show was in 2011 and he left the series quite controversially, burning bridges with the show’s creators and producers. In fact, Sheen’s character, Charlie Harper, was killed off in the series, which made returning to the show impossible.

In the interview, Sheen cited that his return would be in the series finale, which should be airing in the spring of 2015. The show will end after a 12-year run on CBS. Sheen was a part of the series for eight years.

“We’re trying to figure out what makes the most sense. If they figure it out like I’ve presented it to them and they want to include me in some final send-off, I’m available and I’m showing up early. If not, it’s on them,” said Sheen in the TV Guide interview.

But Warner Bros, which owns the show, has denied that such talk was taking place, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The piece also stated that CBS’ Nina Tassler, the chair of its entertainment division, said last July that the network was not having any kind of talks with Sheen.

The actor has apparently been reaching out to Chuck Lorre, “Two and a Half Men’s” creator, since 2013. Lorre and Sheen had a very public falling out when the actor left the top-rating series. When asked by TV Guide whether the two have patched things up since, Sheen acknowledged that he and Lorre are at peace “ethereally” but not personally.

“He was doing his job, I was doing mine. At the end of the day, the guy’s a genius. Look at what he does. I don’t have to spend time with him anymore for him to be brilliant. I wish him nothing but the best,” continued Sheen in the interview.

Sheen is currently on “Anger Management,” which runs on FX. The show is also nearing its end, having committed to a 10/90 contract with the cable network. There are only about three episodes left to air as of this writing.

And that’s the word on Charlie Sheen’s supposed return on “Two and a Half Men” on CBS. It has been denied by Warner Bros and CBS.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Angela George

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