Warner Brothers Television in Talks for ‘Full House’ Revival

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Warner Brothers Television in Talks for ‘Full House’ Revival
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It seems like “Boy Meets World” isn’t the only hit 90’s family comedy series to make a comeback. According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the phenomenal hit series “Full House” is currently in talks for a revival.  Read on to learn more about the story.

THR also reported that “Full House” star John Stamos, executive producer Bob Boyett, and the show’s creator, Jeff Franklin are in talks with Warner Brother Television for the revival. This does not come as a surprise as reruns of the hit show still draw good ratings on “Nick at Nite,” even if it has been almost twenty years since the series ended in 1995.

This is also not uncommon in television, as recently, Disney’s “Boy Meets World”, another hit 90’s television show was recently given a spin-off with “Girl Meets World”, which is currently airing, and has just been renewed for a second season. The spin-off features the original “Boy Meets World” cast members including Ben Savage (Cory Matthews), Daniel Fischel (Topanga), and features guest appearances from the other original cast members of the show, such as Lee Norriss (Stuart Minkus) and William Daniels (Mr. Feeney).

For this revival, it is hoped that most of the original cast would come back to reprise their roles. So far, it has been reported that the same would happen with the “Full House” cast members including Candace Cameron Bure as D.J. Tanner, Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner and Andrea Barber as Kimmy Gibbler are on board. Meanwhile, Bob Saget (Danny Tanner) and Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone) will be involved in some way. However, it is unconfirmed whether Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Michelle Tanner) will be joining them in the revival.

The revival will be a sequel of sorts, with Jeff Franklin writing the scripts for the new series. John Stamos has been reported to say that he was planning on making a “sequel with a twist”, but it is not confirmed as to what the twist might be.

And that’s the latest news on the revival of the hit 90’s family comedy “Full House”. For more news and updates on television shows and films, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

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