Warner to Make Changes to Gangster Squad after Aurora Shooting

By admin | 6 years ago

Warner Bros. studio is planning to make changes to the movie Gangster Squad, which was supposed to have a scene featuring a movie theater shooting. But beyond that, Hollywood executives will not implement any changes to its business practices after the massacre at a Batman screening Friday in Aurora, Colorado. Warner

Officials from the Time Warner-owned Warner Bros. are expected to discuss the Gangster Squad shooting scene. They will also consider whether they change the September 7 release date for the movie that features Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn.

Last Friday, Warner Bros. removed Gangster Squad trailers after a gunman open fired at a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises that killed 12 and injured 58 others. The trailer included a scene where men fired their machineguns on an audience inside a movie theater.

Warner Bros. also scaled down its promotions for The Dark Knight rises. It canceled the premiere in Paris and called off appearances by the cast in Japan and Mexico. Weekend box office results for the latest Batman movie came below initial estimates but it still managed to get $162 million in Canada and the United States to get the third best opening weekend in history.

Industry experts said moviegoers were likely to forget about the shooting and would flock into theaters in no time. Theater owners have tightened their security over the weekend to reassure customers that it was safe to watch movies again. A large chain implemented new rules on costumes and masks.

Upcoming releases that have violent scenes are set to debut on schedule. Total recall, a remake of the 1990 science fiction movie, will be released on August 3. The Bourne Legacy, the latest movie in the Bourne franchise that has Jeremy Renner as its star, will be out on August 10.

Studios want to stick to planned openings, especially for big-budget movies because they spend millions of dollars to promote them. Filmgoers don’t usually dwell on isolated incidents for a long time.

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