Warren and Scott Even in latest Poll

By admin | 6 years ago

Senator Scott Brown has been caught by Elizabeth Brown in the latest poll for the Senate race in Massachusetts. Warren is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party and received the support of approximately 47% of voters in Massachusetts, while Brown received 48%.

Since a February poll was taken, there has been significant change. In February, Warren a professor from Harvard Law School and a consumer advocate was trailing Brown by a nine percentage points.

In the latest poll, only 5% of voters said they were still undecided, down from over 9% in the poll from February. The survey was taken statewide of 600 voters and will come, as a relief to the Democrats who had been worried that the campaign by Warren was badly damaged after questions about her assertions of having Native American ancestry was only to benefit her career.

The poll was conducted from May 20 to 22. It will help Warren keep criticism from insiders who have complained she has bungled her response to the issues by not being more direct in her responses when questioned.

The latest poll also said that although nearly 73% of the voters were aware of the Warren controversy regarding her ancestry, 69% percent said it had no significance. Forty-five polled said they think she was honest about her heritage, compared to 28% who thought she was not being honest and 23% said she they still were not sure.

The controversy at sometime could flare up again, but at this time it does not appear to be affecting Warren as some thought it might.


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