B.B. King’s Manager Says Poisoning Allegations Were ‘Ridiculous’; Forensic Results To Be Released In Six Weeks

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
B.B. King’s Manager Says Poisoning Allegations Were ‘Ridiculous’; Forensic Results To Be Released In Six Weeks
B.B. King was poisoned to death as claimed by his daughters.

The legendary blues artist B.B. King died at the age of 89. However, CNN reported that two of his children claimed that their father was poisoned. Read on for more details.

B.B. King said a number of times that he only had one woman in his life and by that he meant his guitar which he named Lucille. However, that doesn’t mean the bluesman didn’t have any substitute. King was known to have a total of 15 children from 15 different mothers. He was also married twice but none of the two had born him a child.

After the incident of legendary artist’s death, two of his daughters namely Patty King and Karen Williams have claimed that the death of their father was premature. This was after their belief that King’s cause of death was by means of poison.

In a statement, one of the two women said that their father was poisoned “after being administered foreign substances.” This has caused King’s premature death and that she and her sister believed the bluesman has been murdered.

The report went on saying that the doctor of the late musician has listed his cause of death as multi-infarct dementia. The condition arises after the occurrence of small strokes series. The report also added that B.B. King has been long suffering from diabetes.

Meanwhile, Clark County coroner John Fudenberg said that the initial results of B.B. King’s body have not been found of any evidence that would affirm the allegations. Full forensic results would take 6 to 8 weeks before finally completed. On the other hand, the lawyer for Larissa Drohobyczer, B.B. King’s daughter, gave an affidavit to CNN but did not give further comments about the case.

However, Eric Brent Bryson, the lawyer for the business manager of the blues musician LaVerne Toney said the allegations were all ridiculous. He also added that the reason behind the claims were all money.

Meanwhile, several attempts to speak with the Las Vegas Police to comment about the developments of the case returned unsuccessful.

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Photo Source: Facebook/BB King

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