Watch: Behind-The-Scenes Clip for Justin Bieber’s New Video ‘The Key’

By admin | 4 years ago

Justin Bieber released a new behind-the-scenes clip for his fragrance “The Key” on Dec. 14, in which he looks cuter than ever!

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The new clip shows Justin goofing around on the set of his short film for The Key. He really looks cool as he plays the piano, juggles macaroons, and even jokes around about his perfume bottle!

Justin released his short video for The Key on Nov. 23, in which he drives up to a hotel, while his fragrance “unlocks the dreams” of believers all around!

In the short film, Justin dances with a girl on a rooftop and then runs through a museum. Another scene shows him playing the piano to another gorgeous lady. He continues with another girl, but this time, he’s in a room surrounded by sweets like cakes and macaroons!

In the new behind-the-scenes clip, Justin proves to be a real a prankster! He jokes around as he drops the cap of his perfume bottle, screaming: “The bottle is not working right.” He talks to the camera while he’s wearing a white tank top!

Not only this, but the boy also cares about his work. The clip also shows him watching the playback of his commercial with Director Peter Glanz.

Watch it below!

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