Watch David Blaine Make Kanye West & ‘Breaking Bad’ duo go Ballistic With Magic

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Watch David Blaine Make Kanye West & ‘Breaking Bad’ duo go Ballistic With Magic

David Blaine is not a man you f*ck with, even if you are the one who knocks. In a recent video, the ‘buried alive’ performance artist took his magic to  “Breaking Bad” duo Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, incumbent president Kanye West, and the whole family of Will Smith. Watch the totally radical video of what transpired, after this break.

In “Real Or Magic,” Blaine performs his prestidigitation in front of his favorite celebrities, to totally freak them the hell out. In this instance, for example, he takes on Bryan “Walter White” Cranston, Aaron “Jesse Pinkman” Paul, Woody Harrelson, Kanye West as well as Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. Not an easy crowd to wow, for sure, but just watch what happens.

For those unable to see the video, here are the high points:

It contains Blaine, an ice-pick, three paper bags,  and slamming his hand down. Sounds like a recipe for ridiculous levels of awesomeness, and that it is.

“The fate of my hands lies in your decision,” Blaine said to a clearly horrified Cranston and Paul. Kanye West, ever the canny politician goes, “if he fails I am going to leave shortly after.”

Of course, with Blaine, nothing is ever over without a little freaky mutilation. Once he correctly identifies the bag he stabs the damn ice-pick through his hand, as Paul does his best-ever “Jesse-Pinkman-enraged-on-meth” scream.

 “I just lost my erection completely,” Harrelson said. West looks in total horror when asked to pull the pick out of Blaine’s hand. Being the president of the US is a walk in the park compared to this.

There is no blood. Why is there no blood?

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Photo Source: Facebook/David Blaine


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