Watch Farrah Abraham’s Heated Argument With Natasha Hamilton, ‘Teen Mom’ Star Threatens To Kill ‘Celeb Big Brother’ Housemates

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Watch Farrah Abraham’s Heated Argument With Natasha Hamilton, ‘Teen Mom’ Star Threatens To Kill ‘Celeb Big Brother’ Housemates
Farrah Abraham

Getting along with her “Celebrity Big Brother” housemate Natasha Hamilton seems to be not possible, as the “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham had a complete meltdown while filming the reality series and threatened to kill every member in the house. Go through the news to get a scoop of it.

On Monday night’s episode of “Celebrity Big Brother,” Abraham drank some of Jenna Jameson’s wine and then she tried to attack Hamilton, but she was stopped by other housemates. According to, the 24-year-old Abraham went completely ballistic and she was on the verge of being ostracized from the show for her outburst. When the producers reportedly summoned her into the Diary Room, she even did not stop from threatening and cursing other members in the house.

“You want me to talk some s–t?” Farrah constantly shouted at Hamilton, before approaching her.

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Both Abraham and Hamilton got involved into a severe heated argument, which did not seem to come to an end unless the drunken actress was sent to the Diary Room. Even, while sitting at a secluded room, she did not stop using abusive words and threatening everyone in the house.

“I was going to f–king obliterate the f–king scum that you have in this f–king house,” she said from a secluded room.

“I am going to straight up f–king kill this f–king house,” she added.

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Entertainment Weekly has shared the tweets of some fans who have urged the showrunners to evict Abraham. Let’s have a look at their tweets.

@beverlywolsten1@bbuk here is a twist for you. Put #Farrah up for eviction for being a Psyco and let the public vote to #EVICT.

@natti26#cbb should man up and evict Farrah. The stuff she says is disgusting. Threats and constant abuse are all that come out her mouth.

@jasongreen26881@bbuk Cant stand Farrah! It should be vote to EVICT not save! I dont understand why its changed since the summer version.

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