[Watch] Katy Perry Debuts ‘Unconditionally’ Full Music Video

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Katy Perry’s full music video for “Unconditionally” released on Tuesday, Nov. 19 on MTV.

Set in a Gatsby-esque party, the 29-year-old singer looks classy and glamorous in her gorgeous gold dress in the video. With an owl, a fire, and flying flowers in a wintry wonderland setting, “Unconditionally” is all about beauty, bizarre, and tragic.

In her one-on-one interview with Iggy Azalea of MTV, Katy tells that she wanted to create less of a story for her “Unconditionally” video. Unlike “Roar,” the newly released ballad focuses on beauty and gorgeous shots, but she still wanted to include that crazy bit where she is hit by a car. According to Katy, unconditional love feels just like being hit by a car – “being flattened like a pancake by a Range Rover.”

It’s obvious that Perry has translated her emotions seamlessly to this video, which is one of the strongest offerings by the singer to date.

  • Click HERE To Watch Katy Perry’s ‘Unconditionally’ Video

Watch it and let us know where you’ll rank “Unconditionally” on your list of Katy Perry favorites?

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