WATCH: Lady Antebellum messes up national anthem, Forgets ‘Star Spangled Banner’ lyrics

By Bianca Tan | 6 months ago
WATCH: Lady Antebellum messes up national anthem, Forgets ‘Star Spangled Banner’ lyrics
PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/ Lady Antebellum |

Lady Antebellum has to brush up on their first grade lessons after messing what could possibly be the most famous song in USA — “The Star Spangled Banner.” Singing at the NHL Western Conference Playoffs, the band forgot the lyrics to the national anthem causing people in the arena to let out a few chuckles. The band has since apologized on social media for the mishap. 

The Grammy Award-winning group was present at the Nashville-Predators Game 5 to sing the national anthem in the capacity crowd at the Bridgestone Arena, Nashville. The trio were donning Nashville Predators jerseys, rooting for their home team, as they took the center of the rink. Guitarist Charles Kelly started strong with an a cappella version of the anthem, before Hillary Scott joined in. 

The two gave out a heartfelt rendition, singing together through the lines, “Whose broad stripes and bright stars/ Through the perilous fight.” Then Kelly took over with his mighty vocals and sang “Were so gallantly, streaming?” The singer seemingly did not realize he skipped a line — “O’er the ramparts we watched.” 

Watch the video below. 

Thankfully, Scott realized the mistake and helped bring the band back to the right track with the correct lyrics. Everyone in the arena recognized the flub as players were seen cracking up. A few laughs can also be heard from the crowd. Lady Antebellum ended the anthem on a high noted, though.

After the mess up, the band went on to Twitter to apologize for the incident. Posting a photo of Kelly obviously feeling bad, the photo was captioned, “Welp. We’re human too y’all. We’re still rooting for ya Preds!!! #smashville”

Sadly for the Preds, the night started badly enough that they got pummeled all through the night by the Winnipeg Jets. The Jets now lead the series, 3-2. Another win and the they will be headed for the Conference Finals. The Predators vs Jets Game 7 will be on Monday, May 7. As for the band, Lady Antebellum’s “Star Spangled Banner” version will go down to history. 

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