Watch: PBS releases teaser trailer for Sherlock Season 3 – The detective lives after roof fall

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PBS Masterpiece has released the trailer for the upcoming third season of hit series Sherlock. Yes! Benedict Cumberbatch’s title character Sherlock Holmes is still alive after falling from the roof of St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London at the end of the second season, leaving viewers wondering the detective he could have faked his death.

Scroll down to watch this new trailer for Sherlock Season 3 …

The video opens with a shot of Sherlock’s tombstone, making viewers believe that the worst had happened. It then cuts to a shot of Watson (Martin Freeman), Sherlock’s partner in business, who is pitifully sad – looks like he’s mourning over the loss of his friend.

But then a curly hairstyle appears to confidently stride into an unknown building. Though his face is never seen, but it’s a sort of strong clue that he is, in fact, alive.

It’s then further confirmed when a group of mourning Sherlock enthusiasts receive a message that their idol survived his fall and he isn’t dead. After this, the fans are flooded with a series of hashtags saying: ‘#SherlockLives’ and ‘#SherlockIsNotDead’.

The last scene finally shows Sherlock’s face. The lead character is shown standing on a building, looks like the same one from which he jumped off in the last season.

The trailer dramatically cuts away from Sherlock’s face with the hashtag message ‘#SherlockLives’.

The mystery of Sherlock’s plan to cheat death isn’t revealed; it’s been left for the next three-episode run of the show.

The new series will return to PBS on Sunday, Jan. 19 at 10/9c. Check Out the trailer for Sherlock Season 3 below:

Source: TV Guide

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