Watch: Selena Gomez’s wild story that involves Justin & $3 million dollar diamond!

By admin | 4 years ago

During an interview at a recent Jingle Ball concert, Selena recounted a wild story when a wealthy stranger offered Justin a free $3 million dollar diamond ring to give to his ex, but the Biebs said no!

It’s been a while now since Selena Gomez has been separated from her ex Justin Bieber, but it seems that Justin is still alive in her mind!

While Selena was at a recent Jingle Ball concert, the folks from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning caught up with her backstage, and asked if she had received any crazy fan gifts. And the 21-year-old singer couldn’t think too much as she really had a hilarious story to share that involved Justin!

“I went overseas to visit my ex-boyfriend while he was on tour. We were in this place that I’ve never been, and this guy comes in and he’s like an emperor. He goes up to Justin, and he’s like ‘here, I’m going to give you this $3 million diamond to give to Selena.’ It was his wife’s! It was just like, they collect them cause they’re millionaires.”

That’s really insane! But then Justin … he didn’t get it!

“No, [Justin didn’t take it],” Selena said. “It was the craziest… it was just a gift because they’re so giving there.”

Check out the video below to find why Justin said no to that insanely expensive diamond!

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