Watch Taylor Swift Freak Out To Fire Alarm, Escape In Only Robe

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago

Taylor Swift may be a force to reckon with for Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, but when it comes to actual forces of nature, she is not so hot. The “Fearless” singer was accosted by a fire alarm in her concert, and you can watch the panic bubble in a video uploaded to her Instagram account.

Taylor Swift was backstage for her performance in Houston last night for their “1989” World Tour, when the fire alarms started ringing. Instead of running to the nearest exit, the 25-year-old singer decided to document the moment. What happens next is the stuff of legends, or at least a very entertaining Instagram account.

The “Bad Blood” singer looks nothing so much as a deer confronted by headlights as the alarms start ringing, and soon gets into a verbal battle with her mom, Andrea Swift, as she asks her to put some clothes on. Given her panicked mental state at the moment, her reply is still comedy gold:

“I have clothes on, I have a robe on. This is clothes, I’m covered.”

Of course, the “Blank Space” singer let her fans know on twitter that the fire was a false alarm soon enough.

But be that as it may, the “Shake It Off” singer later recovered and reclaimed the stage with complete panache, with a crowd-pleasing performance and a shimmering tuxedo playsuit. Joining her last night was Wiz Khalifa, who sang “See You Again” with Swift as the stage was lit up by fireworks.

The lesson to this story is this: fire or no fire, Taylor Swift does not ever fail to sizzle on stage.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Taylor Swift

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