Watchmen: Soon On The Small Screen

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Watchmen: Soon On The Small Screen

HBO is planning to bring the most popular comic book, “Watchmen” in the format of a TV series. Read to know about the plans and talks happening in the “Watchmen” small screen project.

According to reports from Variety, the channel is having discussions with  Zack Snyder, the director of the movie with the same name but the writers team and others have not been disclosed by HBO.

Making a comment on the potential project HBO said,” Preliminary discussions regarding “Watchmen” have occurred but we have no additional information and no deals are in place.”

The famous comic book was adapted as a movie in the year 2009 but failed to attract the  same number of viewers to the big screen.

Warner Bros., the owner of DC Entertainment, refused to make any statement although sources confirmed that studio will actively partcipate if the comic book gets into TV series. No clues have been provided whether the series will be a sequel, prequel, or new take on “Watchmen.”

If the project will be given the green light, then it would be the first TV series ever directed by Zack Synder.

“Watchmen” is the widely read American comic book created by writer Alan Moore, artist Dave Gibbons, and colorist John Higgins. The series became one of the best selling graphic novels ever published. The huge fan following of the comic book got it a place in the “100 All time greatest novels” list published by Time Magazine in 2005. Later, the same magazine issue of 2009 listed it in “Top 10 Graphic Novels”,  where Grossman further praised “Watchmen”, saying that it is the greatest superhero comic ever written/drawn .

The comic managed to secure the position of number 13 in the list of “Best 50 novels printed in the last 25 years”. The list was created by Entertainment Weekly in 2008.

Apart from all these achievements, the book has been a source of inspiration, along with “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”, for designer Vincent Connare, while he was creating the font Comic Sans.

Photo source: Hollywood Reporter

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