Wayward Pines Episode 7 Recap: ‘Betrayal’

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
Wayward Pines Episode 7 Recap: ‘Betrayal’
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Wayward Pines” Season 1 Episode 7 titled, “Betrayal” aired on Thursday, July 2 on FX. Read on for more details.

The latest episode of “Wayward Pines” kicks off with Theresa pleading to Ethan. She hopes he has found a way to go back to Seattle. Ethan tries to tell her about the truth, but Theresa thinks they did something to him and asks him to remember. She sees the year 4028 written on the pad and he tells her that it’s the current year.

Outside, Ethan notices that something’s wrong with his car and finds a bomb inside the hood. He examines the bomb and looks at Franklin’s folder. Nurse Pam enters and asks if he needs her help. He refuses, but he asks for access to the surveillance system.

On the way to school, Theresa starts bringing up Seattle, but Ben reminds her not to bring up the past. At school, Mrs. Fisher stops Theresa from entering the school and advises her to leave the schoolwork with them. Mrs. Fisher begins her class on procreation and calls Ben and Amy in front. She reminds them of their responsibility of producing the town’s first generation.

Amy speaks with Mrs. Fisher after class. Amy confesses her feelings for Ben to her. She wonders if she can get more intimate with him tonight.

Theresa enters lot 33 and stumbles upon a weird noise. She tries to open it but fails to do so. At the office, she tells Big Bill about it but he asks her to stop snooping around. He asks her to pick up some files at the hospital.

Ethan tries to ask Franklin a couple of questions. He brings up his past working in an explosive demolition, but Franklin tells him he can’t help Ethan and leaves. He follows Franklin and sees him speaking with Harold and summons him to his office. Harold tries to run away but Ethan manages to catch him.

At the office, Harold insists he is innocent. Ethan asks for the names of the members of their group. Harold tells him he’s acting alone. He jots down a note and asks him to give it to Kate.

Kate arrives at Ethan’s home. Kate feigns innocence, but Ethan sees her through. Kate starts recounting the details of the start of their group. He asks them to stop and tells her that it’s not the 21st century anymore. He asks her to surrender.

Nurse Pam tells David that there are two new pregnancies in town. David worries that history will repeat itself, but she assures him that Ethan will help them.

At the toyshop, Harold continues to make a bomb. Kate arrives and she tells him that they need to act fast. She receives a call from Pam for their annual fertility consultation. Kate decides to go to the hospital.

She runs into Theresa at the elevator. Theresa asks to speak with her. She tells her she’s worried about Ethan and they talk. Kate thinks Ethan was brainwashed.

Theresa expresses her concerns to Ethan, but he tells her what he saw with his own eyes. Theresa tells Ethan that Kate looked like she was saying goodbye for the last time. Ethan starts looking for Ben. He thinks they’re up to something. Ethan arrives at school and asks him to come home. Amy reminds him about their date.

Harold asks Ted if he was the one who planted the bomb in Ethan’s car. He hands him a paper bag and places it inside the truck.

Kate and the rest of the group begin planting the bomb. Ethan arrives and asks them to stop. He asks Franklin to disarm the bomb and threatens to shoot Kate in the head. Franklin follows him.

Later, Kate convinces Ethan that something was done to him. Kate tells him it’s not going to stop and he realizes that Harold is missing.

Ben escapes through the window and meets Amy. The truck arrives and they sneak inside.

Ethan asks Pam to locate Harold. He sees him talking to Ted and notices the bag. Ethan tries to run after the truck, but someone tries to block the road.

Amy sees the paper bag and opens the contents. She opens the music box and kisses Ben. The music box stops playing and the bomb explodes. Amy survives and Ethan sees Ben unconscious.

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