‘Wayward Pines’ Renewed for Season 2? Executive Producer Hints on Season 1 Finale

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
‘Wayward Pines’ Renewed for Season 2? Executive Producer Hints on Season 1 Finale
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Fans of the bizarre town of “Wayward Pines” have been aware of the fact that the Fox TV series will be covering all three books from Blake Crouch’s trilogy in Season 1. Despite this fact, fans are still wondering if the creepy-turned-futuristic town of Idaho will be renewed for Season 2. Read on.

In an interview with TV Line,  showrunner Chad Hodge said that  their is  the possibility of seeing the show renewed for another season.

“There’s a hint of it, but ‘Wayward Pines’ was always designed to be just these 10 episodes. So the promise that we’ve been making – which is that there’s a beginning, middle and end in these 10 episodes – is a real promise and we deliver on it,” Hodge said.

Hodge hinted that “Wayward Pines” Season 1 finale will not leave fans with a cliffhanger. However, it will also set the stage for another season should FOX decide to renew the series.

“Wayward Pines” is based on Blake Crouch’s trilogy: “Pines,” “Wayward” and “The Last Town.” While most fans of the series have also read the books from the trilogy, Hodge admitted that the story will stay true to the nature of the book, but there will be some changes made to the Season 1 finale of the show.

Most book fans know that the First Generation was never mentioned in the book series, however, the showrunner noted that they will play an important role in the season finale of “Wayward Pines.” He also revealed that any key changes being made to the series were always consulted with Crouch beforehand.

Meanwhile, the latest episode of “Wayward Pines” titled, “Choices” revealed more answers as Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) entered the facility responsible for keeping the town in order. He also volunteered to join forces with Dr. Pilcher. It was when he found out that a group is planning to take the walls down. (Read the full recap here).

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