Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: The Truth

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: The Truth
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Wayward Pines” Season 1 Episode 5 titled, “The Truth” aired on June 11, 2015 on Fox. Read on for the full recap.

This week’s episode kicks off with Ethan getting scathed in the arm by a mysterious creature in the forest. Ben gets a kiss from Amy on the way home. He sees his mom in the kitchen. She tells him that Ethan is doing anything it takes to get them back home.

The next morning, Ben tells Theresa that he could walk to school on his own. He lashes out on her and walks away. Theresa takes a look at her job offer and goes to the office. A man named Big Bill welcomes her. She learns that someone recommended her for the position. He gives her the files of her first client named Wayne, who’s also an accident victim.

In school, Ben thinks everyone is being nice to him. Amy tells him they’re all in this together when Ben hears his name being called for an orientation. At the orientation, Ben meets Carrie and Reed. He wonders about the designated seats (his is 111) and takes his seat.

Mrs. Fisher arrives and tells them about the seats. Turns out these numbers designate exceptional people who are ready to learn the truth and become the first generation of Wayward Pines. She shows them a photo of the mysterious creature. They call the creatures as  “Abbies” (short for Aberrations). She tells them that the Abbies were once humans.

Theresa pays Wayne a visit. She begins to tell him about the properties and he asks her to leave him alone. She tells him that they were in the same predicament, but he tells her that they did something to them. She warns him and asks him to recount the details, but Nurse Pam interrupts them.

Afterwards, Theresa shows Wayne the house. She warns him that there are cameras. She begins asking him about the details. He tells them there were chambers that were filled with people.

Back at the office, Theresa runs through the files and sees hers and Ethan’s. Big Bill arrives and gives her the star. He hands her another file and she begins asking him questions. He reminds her not to ask any more unnecessary questions.

After lunch, Mrs. Fisher hands each of them a coin. Ben notices it’s a quarter and sees the year 2095 on it. He learns that the three of them had an accident. Mrs. Fisher tells them it wasn’t an accident; they were chosen to be part of Wayward Pines. She tells them the year is 4028.

She continues to tell them that they were subjected to an experiment by a man named David for the survival of the human race. She calls Wayward Pines as an arc that helps save humanity and the rules help keep them safe.

Mrs. Fisher reminds them to keep everything they learned from the orientation a secret. She tells them the story of a student named Chris who died after telling the truth about Wayward Pines to his parents. She asks them to pose for the camera. She also lets them inside a room filled with students with their candles lit on. Amy welcomes them into the first generation.

Back at the forest, Ethan begins to encounter the Abbies. He tries to take a closer look at them from the back of the body of a dead deer. Ethan begins to explore the forest further and sees the remains of a dead city. He walks further and a helicopter lands in front of him and David introduces himself and asks him to return to town.

Ethan asks David, who tells him that man has evolved into something else. He asks Ethan to work together with him. He invites Ethan to come with him and Ethan sees Nurse Pam inside the chopper. The Abbies come running after them.

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