Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Choices

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Choices
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“Wayward Pines” Season 1 episode 6 titled, “Choices” was released online despite several reports citing that the next episode will be aired on Thursday, June 25 on Fox. Read on for the full recap.

The latest episode of “Wayward Pines” kicks off with a flashback to the time when the town of Wayward Pines was in complete chaos. David Pilcher comes walking through the streets.

Fast forward to the present, David tours Ethan around the facility, which takes complete control over Wayward Pines. David excuses himself and leaves him with Nurse Pam.

At home, Ben struggles to keep the truth about Wayward Pines from Theresa.

Ted visits Kate at the toy store. He asks her about the package and leads him to the backdoor. Kate confronts Ted and he tells her that he can’t find the package.

At the office, Henrietta confronts Big Bill for giving Theresa the job instead of giving it to her. Theresa tries to talk to Henrietta and she advises her not to do anything rash.

At the clinic, Pam tries to explain things with Ethan while stitching up his wounds. He asks if she is David’s wife, she laughs and tells him she’s his sister. She leaves.

Ethan hears a scream. He heads outside and sees a different looking Abby locked up. David enters the room and tells Ethan they’re distant cousins. David tells him that the human DNA mutated because of the changes in the environment. He tried to warn everyone but nobody listened to him.

The scene flashes back to the time when they warned everyone about the danger. Everyone laughed when David presented his findings. He thinks he’s alone, but Pam tells him that she’s with him and that it’ll take time. He tells Ethan that he had to find a way to save their kind from extinction.

David leads him into another room. He sees humans sleeping in capsules. Ethan points out to a girl named Amanda and tells David that these people never chose to be in his experiment. He tells Ethan that he had to save people and even leave some that he cared about.

Flashback to the past, David is signing for his book titled, “The Coming Crisis.” Mrs. Fisher introduces herself as a hypnotherapist. She asks him to do whatever it takes. That night, David offers Pope, who works as a guard in his company, to get in the car with him and starts asking him questions. Turns out, David knows more about Pope. He tells him about his project and invites him to take part in it. Pope starts by abducting the people they need, with their first participant – Dr. Charles Keen.

David goes on and explains that they began hibernating in 2014 and remained that way for 2000 years. It took them 2 years to establish the community. He tells him that they chose him because they needed someone for the residents to look after. Ethan thinks everyone needs to learn the truth but David thinks no one wants to know the truth.

David tells him that he along with Theresa and Kate are part of Group B. He tells him that he once spoke the truth and people either ran away or took their lives in despair. It turns out, the scene from the start of the episode was Wayward Pines when he told Group A the truth about their world.

David tells him that there’s a new threat to the community. He tells them about people who are trying to take down the fence. Ethan thinks he shouldn’t let them succeed and offers his help.

Theresa tries to run through several files. Big Bill tells her to stop and she tries to ask him about lot 133. Kate arrives and asks to talk.

At the café, Kate tries to divert Theresa’s attention while Ted delivers a box at the realty company and tries to switch boxes. Ted tries to pretend that he delivered the wrong box. Ted delivers the box to Harold.

Kate explains the bad choices she made in the past and how she can only make new ones. She tells Theresa that they all need to be friends in order to make this change happen. Harold opens the box and starts creating a bomb disguised as a music box.

Big Bill leaves the office and Theresa starts looking for the paper, which includes details about lot 133.

Kate arrives at the toy store and Harold tells her about his concerns. She tells him that they deserve to know. She mentions about his fiancé and asks him to make the choice.

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