‘Wayward Pines’ Season 1 Finale Recap: ‘Cycle’

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
‘Wayward Pines’ Season 1 Finale Recap: ‘Cycle’
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Wayward Pines” Season 1 came to a conclusion in episode ten titled, “Cycle,” which aired on Thursday, July 23 on FOX. Did the Abbies penetrate the walls of the town of Idaho? Read on for more details.

“Wayward Pines” Season 1 finale kicks off with David Pilcher looking through the town of Idaho from his screen after shutting off the power for the entire city. Ethan calls and Pam tells him about what happened. Pam advises him to take all the residents to the underground bunker.

Pam rushes out when she sees more and more Abbies nearing the wall. Pilcher tells Pam that they need to start preparing for Group C. He thinks they need to start from a clean slate. Pam convinces him to rethink things and turn the power back on. He calls the guards.

Downstairs, Pam tries to talk to the guards and the rest of the employees. She convinces them to turn things around until a guard stuns her with a taser. David watches as they put her back to sleep.

Kate approaches him and they start making plans to protect the town. They start releasing Kate’s team from prison.

At the hospital, Amy wakes up. Ben tells her that he was worried for her. Theresa arrives and tells them to move. The doctor tells them Amy’s too weak to move when the generator starts to fail. The doctor begins to check on the generator when an Abby suddenly takes him. Theresa notices the Abby in the hospital and starts taking Ben and Amy away. Ethan arrives just in time when an Abby attacks Theresa.

David starts playing music while watching the Abbies enter the town of Wayward Pines and attack everyone. Kate, Ethan and the rest of the team shoot the Abbies.

The First Generation decides to take matters on their own hands. Kate, Ethan, Theresa, Amy, Ben and the other residents arrive at the underground bunker. Ethan asks Megan about the tunnel, but she tells him that David will rescue them. Ben interrupts her and tells her that David led them to this. Megan finally tells them about the tunnel that leads to the mountain complex.

Ethan teaches Ben how to handle a gun. Ben apologizes to him. Ethan assures him that they’re going to get through this and starts leading the others on the way. Megan refuses to leave in case there are other survivors. She hears a loud bang – it’s a group of Abbies.

At the academy, the First Generation discovers a room with all the things they need to survive.

At the complex, Ethan and Kate start shooting the guards. One of the guards start ordering the others to wake Pam. Ethan calls Theresa to start moving the people by group. Ben and Theresa are left behind. Ethan takes the bag from Kate.

Ben starts shooting the Abbies when Ethan arrives and escorts them to the elevator. Halfway through, the elevator suddenly crashes and Ben sees a ladder and a door outside. The group starts moving. Ethan kisses Theresa. Ben takes Ethan’s hand, but Ethan tells him he’ll stay behind. The rest manages to reach the distribution area.

David watches Ethan as he prepares the bomb. David talks to him. Kate enters the room and orders him to put the power back on. He tempts her into shooting him, but Pam does it instead.

Ethan starts to reminisce his moments with his family, as the Abbies make their way inside the elevator. The group hears an explosion. Ben watches through the door, but his head is hit by a debris.

Pam shows Kate the capsules in the building. Pam thinks they should stop all the rules and begin to work together.

Ben wakes up and sees Amy dressed like a nurse. She tells him she graduated as a nurse two months ago. She tells him he was in suspension like the rest of the adults and was put to sleep for over three years. Amy tells him that everyone is blaming Ethan. Ben leaves the hospital.

Outside, he sees a tomb of David Pilcher while his father’s body is hung at the center of the city.

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